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Miharu Toriyama Clothing always contains a wish for a chain of smiles: every dress is created to thrill every woman and to bring her joy and smile, which will bring happiness to her family, friends, towns, countries and the world.








​A costume designer. An Accredited Master of Fujima-ryu school of Nihon-buyou, classical Japanese dance.


While working at a major apparel company in Kansai region (west-central part of Japan), she had a training for Pattern Making and Fashion Designing.


After travelling around Europe, she started her own fashion brand “Michelle”in 2003. Since when she moved the main base of activities to Ehime where she was born, in 2006, her fashion design has been more and more characterized by fusion of East and West. In 2012, she took part in the Eastman production “Puz/zle” (choreography: Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui) first presented at Festival d'Avignon as a costume designer, and renamed her brand “Miharu Toriyama”. 2020 was the very special year for her in that she opened her atelier and shop and also that she directed the stage performance "DAWNING." In 2021, she started creating clothes from the original fabrics and in 2022, she formed a creative Team named TSUBASA "Wings" and launched the Online Store wishing to bring you a brighter tomorrow with our brand theme "Let Your Dreams Be Your Wings!" Miharu never stops her creation just make You feel beautiful.


The only one dress in the world.

 "Made-to-order" and "Premium"series that  

Miharu Toriyama wishes to design just for you

Dresses,Stage Costumes,Sarong Dresses...and

What you pick out for your special day, etc.

"Michelle" series that 

​Miharu Toriyma and Team TSUBASA proudly bring you

are all made of our original fabrics or fine linen!


We are so happy to create

What you choose to wear when you go out, or at home

​as well as interior goods that make your days shine brightly!

​Miharu Toriyama

Personal History of Miharu Toriyama

Miharu was born in Saijo-city, Ehime.

At the age of 5, she got strongly drawn to the location featured in TV series, that was Paris.

At the age of 6, she was fascinated by ballet, but only got a chance to learn Nihon Buyo "classical Japanese dance".

At the age of 18, she became an accredited master of Fujima-ryu school of classical Japanese dance and was named "Yuka Fujima".

Miharu went to Kansai: west-central part of Japan

Finally succeeded in persuading her mother to let her go to Osaka, she enrolled in a fashion college with the dream of becoming a designer.

Joined “ketty”, Java Group, a leading apparel company based in Kobe, Japan.

Left “ketty” after working as a chief of the planning and pattern making section.

Travelled alone through Europe.

Cultivated her sensitivity as a designer and haute couture skills while travelling between Europe and Japan.

Started her own fashion brand “Michelle”.

Designed the costumes of Seiichi Horio, food coordinator, for his TV appearances and magazine articles.

(1992-2005 While working as a fashion designer, Miharu learned Flamenco, belonged to a theatre company and also joined a talent agency.)

Miharu got back to Ehime

Got back to Saijo-city, Ehime, letting go of everything due to her father's illness.

Resumed making clothes as if guided by an invisible hand and designed wide-ranging dresses: tailor made dresses, party dresses, wedding dresses, and so on.

Designed the costumes of Kimiko Wakiyama, professional whistler, for her concerts and for her appearances in TV shows including “Singing Nursery Rhymes” (NHK BS) and more.
Also designed various stage costumes for the projects such as “Noh + Contemporary Dance” and kept on creating dresses for a variety of events.

Looking back on all the events and encounters she had experienced so far, Miharu made up her mind to create clothes to bring happiness to everyone, people around her and herself.

Held a fashion show of her brand “Michelle” at the art festival Bara-ala "Rose & Wings" 09 at Saijo-city Tanbara Cultural Centre, followed by four more fashion shows all of which had their own storylines.
Her shows were characterized by a fusion of East and West where Japanese Kimono meets Western-style Dresses and also by a unique perspective; she picked up the Nature, the Sun, the Moon and Water as the theme of her shows.

Got married to Kazunari Abe, Shinobue "traditional Japanese bamboo flute" player.

Gave birth to first son, Ryuta.

With her three month old son, joined the Eastman production “Puz/zle” (choreography: Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui) first presented at Festival d'Avignon as a costume designer. Renamed her brand from “Michelle” to “Miharu Toriyama”.
Started to design stage costumes exclusively for Kazunari Abe.

Joined Atoa. production “The Kojiki: Kuniumi” (literally means "Records of Ancient Matters: birth of the country" a legendary history of the emergence of the Japanese archipelago) as a stage costume designer. Designed the costumes of “Izanami no Mikoto” and “Izanagi no Mikoto”, the gods of the Japanese mythology.
Very much inspired by this experience, Miharu started to travel to Paris, a dream since her childhood, or Rome to buy fabrics.

Designed a costume of Misa Kamemoto, Indian dancer, for her performance dedicated to Tenkawa Shrine.
Also designed "O Yama-gi" (Japanese style kimono for outdoor activities) of Ishizuchi Shrine.

Held the beauty event “IVY With Makeup & Fashion Show” at Dogo Yamanote Hotel.

Designed the costume of FC. Imabari mascot "Moony-chan" at the event to celebrate the commencement of "Top Partner Agreement" between Unicharm Corporation and FC. Imabari.
Created the original tale of gods "DAWNING." and joined the project to stage the story as a director and costume designer.

Started growing vegetables during the Covid-19 quarantine period and got energy from the nature and the soil while working in the field.
Again very much inspired by this experience, Miharu decided to hold exhibitions at her home Atelier.

Held “Miharu Toriyama 2020 AW Collection: Europe” Fashion Show and Exhibition at home Atelier and started creating original clothes.

Miharu is creating original clothes from colorful fabrics that she bought during her travel around the world, which started from Paris, as she dreamed when she was 5 years old! Thrilled to imagine how her clothes will make You sparkle.

2022 - now 

Formed a creative Team named TSUBASA "Wings", consisting of four members in charge of painting, graphics, fashion design and original stories respectively and launched the Online Store wishing to bring you a brighter tomorrow with our brand theme "Let Your Dreams Be Your Wings!"

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