About Miharu Toriyama

Clothes That Make You Happy
Clothes That Also Make a Designer Happy
...And Make Whoever See You Wearing Them Happy

Clothes That Create a Happiness Chain, that is the World of Miharu Toriyama

The World of Miharu Toriyama consists of “haute couture”, “premium” and “linen charm” series.

“haute couture”
Miharu Toriyama makes your imagination turn into reality.
She creates clothes that is meant to be worn by you.
She delivers you what you dream of, what you imagine, that is, what you really need.

Miharu Toriyama designs your dress using the material that she has collected from around the world.
She creates your clothes for your special occasions.
She delivers you what thrills you and what fills you with smiles.

“linen charm” series
Miharu Toriyama designs your house dress which makes you look stunning in a house party.
She delivers you what brightens up your day.

Miharu Toriyama

A costume designer. An Accredited Master of Fujima-ryu school of Nihon-buyou, classical Japanese dance.
While working at a major apparel company in Kansai region (west-central part of Japan), she had a training for Pattern Making and Fashion Designing.

After travelling around Europe, she started her own fashion brand “Michelle”. Since 2006 3

when she moved the main base of activities to Ehime where she was born, her fashion design has been more and more characterized by fusion of East and West. In 2012, she took part in the Eastman production “Puz/zle” (choreography: Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui) first presented at Festival d'Avignon as a costume designer, and renamed her brand “Miharu Toriyama”.

Her creation always comes from her wish to design the clothes that make your life shine brighter.

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