TSUBASA "Wings" Project


Miharu Toriyama Clothing always contains a wish for a chain of smiles: every dress is created to thrill every woman and to bring her joy and smile, which will bring happiness to her family, friends, towns, countries and the world.


TSUBASA "Wings" Project was founded with our wish of spreading such a chain of happiness to You and to around the world.



Hako Kokubo  photographer

Hako sheds light on the essence of Miharu Toriyama.

She is responsible for design of web, brand name, logo, shop card, etc.



Yuko Hirata  painter

Yuko visualizes the spirit of Miharu Toriyama.

She is responsible for illustrations of traditional costumes around the world and many others, designing materials with her unique and exquisite touches.



Shinako Imaizumi  linguist

Shinako tells the world about the stories of Miharu Toriyama.

She is responsible for English translation of the web site to connect with the cultures and people around 

the world.

Mayumi Yoshikawa coordinator
Mayumi coordinates the choice of Miharu Toriyama.
With her sensibility, Mayumi is responsible for coordinating the fabrics and clothing of Miharu's choice.



About Hako Kokubo
Born in Hiroshima. A freelance photographer.
Hako became attracted to photography while she was studying at University of Music in Hiroshima. After graduating from university, she started working at a photography studio. In 2004, she became a freelancer and has been working in various fields such as magazines, wedding photography, CD covers, etc. In 2017, she moved to China due to her husband's business, but she is back in Hiroshima for now.


About Yuko Hirata
Born in Hiroshima.
Graduated from Tama Art University, Yuko has been painting with acrylics or resin. She draws using plants and scenes from our everyday life as the motif.
Since 2012, she has lived in Hiroshima-city.

About Shinako Imaizumi
Born in Hyogo.
Graduated with master's degree from the University of Manchester, U.K., and with doctoral degree from the Graduate School of Language and Culture, Osaka University. As a professor of Faculty of Law and Letters, Ehime University, Shinako is exploring the wonders of language with her students.
Since 2002, she has lived in Matsuyama-city, Ehime.

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About Mayumi Yoshikawa
Born in Ehime as a Buddhist Monk's daughter, Mayumi is now fully enjoying her life as a Buddhist Monk's wife. All through her life, she has been considering the nature of salvation and always thinking of sharing joy and happiness. Since she was a young girl, she has been fascinated by anything beautiful and she has got a wide-range of interests from clothing to interior designing. With her aesthetic sensibility, she is sending out her ideas via Instagram, which has got numerous enthusiastic followers.