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Enjoy dressing yourself

like you enjoy travelling around the world

and dress what fascinates you most!

In 2021, we started creating our original fabrics

​and sending out original dresses and interiors made from them.

These original products are produced by Team TSUBASA  "Wings"

with our wish of spreading a chain of happiness

to You and to around the world!

As free as birds

As lightly as feathers dancing in the skies

On arrival of "Wind Era",

we will help you surround yourself with the things you love

​and let your dreams be your wings!



Producer / Costume Designer

Miharu Toriyama


A fashion designer and producer of TEAM TSUBASA "Wings".

With a lot of experience as a stage costume designer, Miharu is very good at draping, which always makes her costumes lively and dynamic. With her inspiration and wishes for the brighter future, she designs clothes out of the original fabrics. Working with the members of TEAM TSUBASA, she creates what she believes is necessary for your brighter tomorrow with the brand theme "Let Your Dreams Be Your Wings!"

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◎hakoHP用プロフィール写真 20.8.10.jpg

Art Director / Photographer

Hako Kokubo

Hako sheds light on the essence of Miharu Toriyama.

She is responsible for design of web, brand name, logo, shop card, etc.


Born in Hiroshima. A freelance photographer.

Hako became attracted to photography while she was studying at University of Music in Hiroshima. After graduating from university, she started working at a photography studio. In 2004, she became a freelancer and has been working in various fields such as magazines, wedding photography, CD covers, etc. In 2017, she moved to China due to her husband's business,and got back to Japan in 2022. She lives in Osaka now.

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Illustrator / Painter

Yuko Hirata 

Yuko visualizes the spirit of Miharu Toriyama.

She is responsible for illustrations of traditional costumes around the world and many others, designing materials with her unique and exquisite touches.


Born in Hiroshima.

Graduated from Tama Art University, Yuko has been painting with acrylics or resin. She draws using plants and scenes from our everyday life as the motif.

Since 2012, she has lived in Hiroshima-city.


Translator / Linguist / Fashion Model 

Shinako Imaizumi

Shinako tells the world about the stories of Miharu Toriyama. 

She is responsible for English translation of the web site to connect with the cultures and people around the world. 

Born in Hyogo. A professor at Ehime University. 

Graduated from the University of Manchester in England, Shinako got an M.A. (Linguistics) in 1999. Back to Japan, she graduated from Graduate School of Language and Culture, Osaka University, and got a Ph.D. (Language and Culture) in 2001. Since when Shinako started to working for Ehime University in 2002, she has been exploring the wonders of language with her students, as well as working as a translator. 

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オリジナル生地 / ストーリー
◎ポストカード「In the forest」表100×148_edited.jpg
"In the Forest"

Deep forest that I always see from far away
What will I find beyond that?
The answer can be found
Only by those who are courageous enough to step in there

Let's go ahead
And step into the forest
Let's go ahead
And find yourself that you have never met

A bit scared but I will be alright
Because I have this scarf of light blue
It's my lucky charm
Giving me a courage to keep on walking straight

Inside the foggy forest
Silver wind carries the whisper of leaves
Sunlight through the trees shows me the way to go

Little by Little I walk ahead
And find my old friends waiting for me
Very quietly and a bit shyly
Their black eyes are watching over me

"Oh, you are here!"
"I knew you would come!"
"Yes, we have been waiting for you so long!"

I remember I met you in the picture book long ago
I remember I saw you in the illustrated animal book long ago
I remember I found you in the old stories of faraway lands

The colors of flowers that I used to dream of
The stripe dress that I used to long for
The polka dot parasol that used to make me smile

In this magical forest
Flowers bloom from wherever I touch
And that is the door to my dream
I find myself surrounded by my friends smiling gently and singing softly
It's just like my favorite old story that I used to read again and again

I feel like I can fly high in the sky
My scarf of light blue
And the deep fog of the forest are
Now turning to my Wings

"Finally I found you!"
It is me I want to be
It is me standing beyond the door to the future



Have you ever seen 

the colour of the dawning skies?


It's a very special colour 

that I cannot find in my watercolour paint kit.

Neither navy blue nor purple

Neither orange nor yellow

Oh, I just cannot find the proper word for it


"Maybe, it's magenta!" someone whispered to me!

Looking around, I found the lace curtains chatting

They always look so happy and 

kindly let me join their chatting



-I wrote this word on a small piece of paper

and put this precious piece into my pocket

"I must go and put this in my treasure box!"

I must safely keep the secret word 

that the curtains kindly whispered to me


Alright, let me tell You where I'm going,

though I have never told this to others before

I'm going to my secret base,

where none but my friends can get into


Under the leaf

In the shadow of flower petals

Inside the folded umbrella

Between the pages of the book I'm reading

and inside the palms of mine


The fragments of my dreams 

get together 

each other breathing very closely 

and waiting for the tomorrow to come


Making sure that every member is here,

we are waiting for the moment

when the skies are dawning


I say, "Are you ready?"

Our secret password is



From the sky of light blue
Drops of sunshine falling so brightly
On such a day, just looking up the sky
Fills me with happiness

Suddenly I hear a voice saying
"You used to have wings on your back
just before you come to this world"

What a gentle voice!
I turn around
And find

Lemonade with a clear glass straw
Candies of lemon flavor
Yellow parasol on the beach
Yellow ribbon of the special gift

Golden sunlight
Brings me back to my happy days
Fully guarded, no worries
And surrounded by smiles of "Everything's alright"

Small biscuit tin was my jewellery box
Whenever I opened it
Glass beads so shiny and magical
The moment I held it up to the sky
I was in the world of Light

"I feel like I am dreaming" said I
"So beautiful" answered the gentle voice
May your dreams come true
May your precious smiles be safely guarded

Drops of sunshine surround me
With happiest memories
And brighten up my way to go

Light at heart
Feel like your steps so swift and quick
And on your back
You will find the Wings
MAI--Dancing with You--

In Japanese
The word Akai "Red" and
The word Akarui "Bright"
Are said to have the same origin

That is why
Red is the colour of Hope
The colour of Dawning Skies

That is why
Red is the color of Joy
The colour of Dancing Hearts

That is why
Red is the color of Love
The colour of Caring Thoughts

In the country of far east
Where the Dawning sky turns to red and purple
People are dressed in Red Kimono for the days of celebration

In the country of far west
Where the Twilight sky turns to deep red
Moulin Rouge sings love songs

In the country of far south
Where the Southern Cross shines in the night sky
Red is the sacred colour

"What is your favourite colour, my dear?"
"Aka!" "Rouge!"
Two voices answered simultaneously
At the far ends of the world

"Who are you?
You are smiling so cheerfully in the mirror!"
"Who are you?
You are dancing so joyfully in the mirror!"

"Your hairs are so shiny gold
They look like the most precious embroidery threads
that were used for Kimono for princesses"

"Your eyes are so shiny black
They look like the most precious black pearls
that were used for necklaces for queens"

"Can I try your Kimono, my dear?"
"Oh, I'd love to try your Dress, too!"
"Though I have never tried it
I feel something familiar"
"Yes, I feel very warm at heart"

"I know the reason!
That is why
Akai and Akarui are both surrounded by the letters "A" and "I"
"Ai", that is Love"
And bloomed the flowers of smiles

"Will you be my friend, I wonder?"
"We are already friends!"
"You have given me the Wings
And we can see each other anytime we wish"
"Just reach out your hands
And I will be there for you anytime"

Two smiles fly high up the sky
Where the door opens to the future
Now the sky is dawning
Fully surrounded by everlasting Love
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